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Adam Yamey

Adam was born in London (UK).

He is a retired dental surgeon by profession, and a writer, blogger (see: , photographer, cook, reader, and traveller at other times.

Adam has published two novels ("ALIWAL" & "ROGUE OF ROUXVILLE") set in 19th century South Africa and a book about visiting Enver Hoxha's Albania  in 1984 ("ALBANIA ON MY MIND").  He has also written "REDISCOVERING ALBANIA" following a visit to Albania in 2016.  His latest book (2019) is "IDEAS, BOMBS, and BULLETS", which is about Indian patriots in London between 1905 and 1910

His frequent visits to Yugoslavia and its neighbours during the 1970s and 1980s provided the inspiration for his  book "SCRABBLE WITH SLIVOVITZ" - Once upon a time in Yugoslavia.

For more information about Adam's other published works click HERE


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